Nomicon game space for Ulex

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  1. A project is a sub-game that inherits from the base rule set of Lexinomicon.
  2. A project MUST have a unique name.
  3. A project MAY be located in a sub-folder of Lexinomicon named after the project.
  4. A project MAY override a rule in the base game unless the rule is tagged as #final.
  5. A project MAY have its own set of players.
  6. A project SHOULD have a charter document that defines that goals of the project.
  7. A project SHOULD be a collaborative game played between two teams, typically the Directors and Executives
    1. The Directors (representing the project customers) SHOULD be responsible for acceptance criteria for project deliverables.
    2. The Executives (representing the project vendors) SHOULD be responsible for developing the project deliverables.
  8. A project MAY be funded with Bounties.