Nomicon game space for Ulex

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  1. The Legislator role has the responsibility to play by the rules of the game.
  2. Legislators MUST fork their own player-space repo that includes:
    • name
    • active game roles
  3. Legislators SHOULD add the following info to their player-space:
    • link to user profile on https://ulex.app/
    • achievements earned
    • identity links (github, keybase, linkedin, twitter, etc.)
    • profile pic
  4. Legislators MAY add any additional info to their player-space at their discretion:
    • short bio
    • blog
    • articles
    • interesting links
    • recommendations
    • proposals under development
  5. Legislators MUST publish their player-space with github pages using the Midnight theme. The link will be used in role rosters.